Johnny Depp

JOHNNY DEPP Little Johnny Depp took the big step. First he jumped, then he cried, but don’t you ever say he lied. Edward took the Scissors Out of Johnny’s Hand, Johnny started searching For the promise land. Johnny loved the […]

Chaunte Wayans

  Creative with words, Hilarious on stage, with Adorable eyes, the Unknown Wayans has Now come of age. — She’s Trading Spaces to bring about Eloquent rhythm that’s   Wild ‘N Out. An actor, comedian, writer & more, Your guess […]

The Tennis Commandments

Dear Pastor, I thought your sermon was smashing on Sunday. You put the ball in my court and lofted some good ideas when you said, “Division and strife are not true religion,” and also when you posed the question: “Does […]


Image Isn’t Everything: A great deal of life is based upon the style of car driven across the bridge that has been raised The rest of life is based upon the style of car which cannot be driven across the […]

Michael Nesmith

My favorite poet Is all it takes to Cause Propinquity to lead me to a Higher place of creativity. All I do is look at the Silver Moon. It transforms Everyday words inside my heart, and I Love the Magic […]