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Rebecca was born and raised in Kansas City. While growing up, she often heard she was living in a family cursed with genetic cancer. Several aunts, uncles, & cousins had succumbed to the disease. When Rebecca was 8 years old, her mother, Tommy, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although Tommy survived breast cancer, five years later she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and it took her life. So, at age 13, after the death of her mother, Rebecca realized the genetic mutation in her family was a realistic truth. In the 1980’s her family was one of several involved in a study leading researchers to the discovery of the hereditary cancer gene: BRCA1. Rebecca earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Communications (MWSU) for the sole purpose of writing about her experiences of the BRCA1 gene. She has devoted the majority of her adult life to this cause. Rebecca is an author, a screenwriter, a poet, and a lover of life, family and friendships. She is an award winning screenplay writer with her 2017 screenplay, The House of Esther Bird. In 2016 Rebecca also received an award with Filmmakers International for her script, Stranger Step Softly.


Why are you crying
instead of frying
an egg upon the sand?
It would be a lot more fun
to walk in the sun
and hold your best friend's hand.