Little Johnny Depp
took the big step.
First he jumped,
then he cried,
but don’t you ever
say he lied.

Edward took the Scissors
Out of Johnny’s Hand,
Johnny started searching
For the promise land.

Johnny loved the women,
He caused their hearts to swoon.
His days of Don Juan DeMarco
Must have Been in June.

The earth it opened, opened
Swallowed up his home;
he was forced to be a nomad,
and took the streets to roam.
Johnny Depp was angry,
he lost money in the bank.
he had to pay a handsome sum
when thrown into the tank.
Yes, he paid a handsome sum,
They threw him in the tank.

Living nightmare, nightmare
from which was no escape,
Johnny turned his life around
By eating Gilbert’s grape.

He tried to think
What Ed Would do.
This story continues
In Johnny, Part II.


Little Johnny Depp, he wore the funky clothing;
Gave up Speed for Blow, was full of Fear and Loathing.
The Source said he was Dreaming, and they saved his soul From Hell.
Was he The Man Who Cried again? … A little hard to tell.

He tried to start a fire One Time in Mexico,
But Ed came back into his dream, said, “Johnny, Don’t cha know?
You’ve got to find your children, put away your shame;”
And In the Nick of Time, The Kids put out The Flame.
Yes, In The Nick of Time, The Kids put out The Flame.

Looking out the Window, Johnny found his Neverland, he
Often thought of Paw Paw and Edward Scissor Hands.
He sailed across the ocean, said “Pirate starts with P.”
He ate a lot of Chocolate with little Charlie,
He ate a lot of Chocolat, that’s where he wanted to be.

The Brave little Johnny had given up his Rum; but
Instead of being Hollow, he is on the screen for some.
Johnny is our hero; he’s Sleeping at the Gate.
He deserves to get an Oscar cause it’s written in his fate.
Yes he needs to get and Oscar. It is written in his fate.

Johnny we are watching. We only wish the best,
cause in Part III we know you will put talent to the test.
Yes, in Act III, we know you will
Give your fans the very best.
As Always: Johnny!
Johnny Depp, Johnny.