The Tears of Hamlet

Hamlet was crying, the reason, he said,
“My father is gone, my father is dead.
He slept in the garden, he died where he lay,
Now I’ve no where to go and no where to play.”

Hamlet was trying to cope with his fear.
“Why did Dad have to go, who will care for me here?”
“He’s not really gone,” said his best friend Horatio,
“He lives in a spirit, He’s a ghost don’t you know.”

The ghost said to Hamlet, “You won’t be alone,
I give you a clue to reflect on your own:
Claudius is lying so he won’t have to face,
What will come of his life if he’s put in his place—
My once faithful brother did poison my ear,
Now he sleeps with my wife and he drinks the kings beer.”

Hamlet forlorned at the rumor he’d heard,
Said, “Father this news sounds rather absurd.
But I vow to you now, a vengeance I swear,
I’ll catch my dear uncle and become the true heir.”

The spirit told Hamlet, “To your mother be true,
Though she did break my heart, she still doth love you.”
Hamlet was puzzled! He stood and he thought.
Hamlet then spoke of what is and what’s not:

“The question at hand: Is death not to be,
Shall we slumber and sleep, or to die shall we?
And if we die and sleep, ‘What dreams may come?’
I’m rather dismayed at the future of some.
And why does it seem that everyone’s lying?
Why all of these tears? Why still am I crying?”

Hamlet set out on a tedious quest,
But ran into spies who gave him a test.
An acquaintance named Rose, another one Guild,
Made Hamlet to speak and caused him to yield.
“Tell me my peers, for whom were you sent for?
Why come you this day to the place Elsinore?”

His peers did reply, “Twas our own inclination.
To visit you Lord, no other occasion.”
Hamlet sensed Claudius behind this foul lie.
“I shall set up a trap and shall see who doth cry.
I’ll call for a play, observe the King’s looks,
And if he is guilty, I’ll see if he books.”

Hamlet conversed with his true love, Ophelia.
He said, “Are you honest?” Ophelia said, “Duh!-
Why question my fairness, why question my vow?
I say, woe is me, why question me now?”

But Hamlet fed up with his girlfriend of woe,
Said, “Get ye my love. To a nunnery GO!”

Hamlet complained of his woman so fickle.
(And then found himself in a rather tight pickle).
He had a clear chance to stab the false king,
But Hamlet delayed, this came as a sting.
“If I kill him now, in heaven he stays,
His soul shall be worthy, for Claudius prays.”

Meanwhile Polonius with Gertrude (in reign)
Hid near the curtain to spy for his gain.

In entered Hamlet and yelled at his Ma:
“Disloyal were you. I blame you for Pa!
My father, God rest, has been much offended.
The fault is on you for his life to have ended.”

Gertrude in fear, cried out, “Help! Help! Ho!”
And Hamlet with sword, to the curtain did go.
Hamlet said, “Fool! His blood does now stain.”
And Polonius (dad of Ophelia) was slain.

Gertrude proclaimed, “Oh, what have I done,
To bring out the wrath of Hamlet, my son?”
Hamlet replied, “Oh Ma, you’ve been blind.
The words that I speak must be cruel to be kind.”

Now shifting to song, Ophelia did sing,
“Hamlet refuses to give me a ring.-
I once was a maid, and Hamlet did take,
My soul I now drown. My own life forsake.”

(v ii)
Then back at the castle in Denmark of Yore,
A Method of Madness was what was in store.

A man named Laertes, whose sister had drowned,
Conveyed unto Hamlet, “You’ll never be crowned.”
(A scheme with the King had been prearranged),
The sword fight was on, and poison exchanged.

Claudius then dropped a poisonous pearl,
Intended for Hamlet (not for Claud’s girl).
But the queen took a sip of the victory wine,
“I am poisoned,” said she, “My life is not mine.”

Tears mixed with vengeance consumed Hamlet’s force,
And he killed, Who do you think? Claudius, of course.

Hamlet now wailed for all that was lost.
“I avenged as I swore, only life was the cost.”

Laertes last words: “Please, Hamlet, forgive,”
And, “I must inform you, you neither shall live.-
Swords tipped in toxins now run through our veins,
Not much we can do, but die with our pains.”

Hamlet then knew his life would be ending,
No cure for his blood, no future ascending:
“Let Fortinbra’s son take over the throne.
Name Horatio, ‘Dane.’ Now I die as I moan.”

Then no one could stop dear Hamlet from crying,
For the great prince himself, Hamlet, was now dying.