Dear Pastor,

I thought your sermon was smashing on Sunday.

You put the ball in my court and lofted some good ideas when you said, “Division and strife are not true religion,” and also when you posed the question: “Does anybody
love – love?”

The lines you read from Isaiah did not go over my head. I ran down God’s message, which shot Satan’s theory. After all, what would be the point, if down the line, we lunged into sin only to spend eternity in the crisp fire of hell.

If we follow through God’s lessons, and set Him first in our lives, our opponents will want to default and run straight for the alley of the volley–I mean Lily of the Valley.

To win the game, we must not try and match ourselves with others. We should not backhand those who make us offensive, but think beforehand about our net worth to God. Let us return to God’s grace, and even when the chips are down, let us love and serve one another.

p.s. I don’t want you to think I wasn’t listening to your sermon, my mind was on the tennis commandme… oh I mean Ten Commandments.